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    any one know why the only way to access cbs sports on the pre browser is via, or

    android OS phones, and iphones, heck even my windows mobile phone with the iris browser (now part of blackberry's new browser) could access The latter website displays much much better, allowing me to follow my fantasy football team with a more pleasurable experience than the wap website.

    isn't the pre's browser webkit too? I don't want to resort to using the iphone spoof for the browser, as it seems to cause a lot of havoc for many people's
    phones. What is odd though is that
    rarely, the iphone website DOES show up and work on the pre's browser.

    is there any foolproof work around for this, or can anyone make a cbssports "app" which basically allows the website to work properly...similar concept to what has been does with the precentral app?
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    iphone site still won't load.
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    this was working for me, then over the weekend it stopped. Has anyone else had any success for CBS sports. the wap stinks

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