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    webOS 2.0 review -- Engadget

    Great review to understand what's coming.
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    really nice. I cant wait for power treo/centro users to dig in to compare PIM stuff with the palmOS PIM, which still blows everything else away. Adding named pages, additional pages, and macros for text replacement are huge additions. I wonder what else they've added that engadget wouldn't know to check.
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    I noticed in the review that they got the “Too Many Cards” error. I have a Pre Plus and can honestly say that I have never seen a TMC error. In fact I didn’t even know what it looked like until I saw the picture in the article.

    My question is: Am I not pushing my phone hard enough or are other people pushing too many applications at once?

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    you are fine. I've had 50+ cards open, including several monster games with no TMC.

    can't believe palm didn't *at least* change the message in that error dialoge box...
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    That's an old review from Oct 19th. Already have a thread on P/C
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