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    need help.

    pre 2 unlocked
    palm novacom running
    developer mode OK
    novacom reinstall
    webosdoctor OK

    when I connect phone it is looking for a driver in popup window and so I address to C:/ program.../palm, Inc/novacom but inside it does not find what is looking for so if I check on control panel I see a yellow questionmark over novacom icon. Driver is not installed.

    Webosquikinstall says no device detected.

    What have I to do?

    Thanks very much
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    Thanks for suggestions, desperate:

    I install and reinstall novacomd, nothing.

    I try doctorfile but it stops when, after checked system, bottom "next" is not active.

    I install driver file directly from unzipped doctorfile. Nothing.

    Start and restart computer ad phone.

    It is always looking for a driver but never connects. Plug in doesnt work!

    If I select from phone not "just charge" but I select "usb unit", computer regularly shows files in my phone. But this is not useful.

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    Connect the phone

    XP: Click Start, select Run
    Win7: Just click Start and start typing:
    Then press Enter

    Locate the PalmNovacom service, and check its staus.
    Richtclick the service and restart it.

    Start webOS QuickInstall.
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    I resolved: it was that web os quick install, automatically installed on my computer an old doctor version which didnt have the correct USB driver for my palm pre 2.

    I installed the correct version of Doctor file for palm pre 2 and run it as suggest here

    Easy Preware Install on your Pre 2

    (thank you very much GuyFromNam).

    Then I had some problem with installing preware but now it works.


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