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    Hey all,

    So I decided not to get a text message package on my pre2 on AT&T, and set my Google Voice account to forward texts to email.

    Any SMS sent to my Google Voice number gets delivered to my GMail inbox, and thence to my phone. This works fine.

    When I reply to the email, however, my reply is never sent to the recipient. It's supposed to be (that's a feature of Google Voice text-to-GMail). I don't get an error message; it just never arrives at the recipient's phone.

    Odd thing: this works just fine on my Evo. I can reply to the email from my Evo and it gets sent as a text to the recipient/initial sender.

    So I'm curious what it is about webOS that's causing this behavior. It seems to happen regardless of whether I delete the quoted text in the email, or whether the text color is black or "webOS blue."

    Just thought I'd throw it out there.
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    Have you resolved this issue? It doesn't work for me and it is quite frustrating!
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    I have the same issue. Anyone?
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    Wow, still? Yeah I caved and got an SMS package when I went to the veer. Sorry to hear it still hasn't been resolved!
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    Problem is, I have an SMS package... For my Pre. My Veer is WiFi only...
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    Thankfully there's now Voogle as a gap-filler, but I agree that this problem should have been fixed by now. See if some Google support form posts get anyone's attention.
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    Yes, I suppose I should just break down and buy Voogle...
    But I will try to post in HP/Palm and Google support forums.

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