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    ok i downloaded WEBOS quick install to my comptuer and i set my phone to developer mode but when i click install on the WbOS Quick Install to try to download preware it syays:

    ERROR 1:

    connection refused:connect

    than i click ok and it says:


    no device found.

    can someone please help its driving me crazy!!
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    try a different USB port on your computer... My computer will not recognize my phone if plugged into the front jacks, I have to use the rear inputs.
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    sledge is right. Either a bad port or possibly a bad USB cable. I guess it could have something to do with the Novacom driver as well tho. Which Operating system are you using on your PC?
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    In QuickInstall, go to File>Options>Reinstall Novacom. Then give it a try.
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    i am using widows XP,and i tried reinstalling novacom it didnt work.
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    Did you try a different USB port as was suggested earlier? I would also be curious to know if it works on a different machine with that same USB cord.
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    How many threads we need about this? Always the same answers:
    Use orig palm USB cable
    Try different ports
    Do you use win7/vista
    Reinstall novacom
    Can you try different PC/MAC
    What java version

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