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    In the midst of watching a youtube video, I receive a text message. I switch over to respond but when I switch back to the video, I've lost my spot and am returned to the youtube home screen.... wth?

    Another scenario is when I'm in a text messaging thread with my friend. I switch to the address book to look up a phone number. When I switch back I'm returned to the sms overview page and not the thread with my friend!???

    Anyone who hasn't had a chance to experience true multitasking with webOS clearly doesn't know what they're missing.
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    well said !
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Try BestTube, it solved all my epic youtube app issues. It downloads the vids in HQ straight to your sd card, watch/delete at any time instantly, no buffering, no crashes and you can go do other tasks while your waiting for the video to download.

    I do give webOS a slight edge with multitasking, only slightly because webOS is more intuitive. Android is good, mainly because you have no limits as to what you can multitask with. Example webOS and most pdk apps don't really allow full multitasking, mainly music to play with them. Android seems to not care, also seems to run much smoother when running multiple resource draining background tasks. Although I'm sure the pre2 runs 10 times smoother when doing those types of tasks, I'm also sure the pdk/video/music mt issues still exist.

    WebOS cards, gesture area and notifications is what makes it's multitasking the best in my eyes, but if google changes 2 of those 3 things, what will webOS have left?

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