There seems to be a bug with address lookup from email. If I type a first name (eg "fiona"), the email app shows a list of all global address book entries that match that name with the first in the list highlighted. If I then carry on typing the rest of the address ( it keeps the match on the first fiona in the global address book even though the rest of the address doesn't match. When I hit enter, the address I typed is replaced with the global address book entry. This is only a problem where the email address has a single name before the @ (eg if I type fiona.surname then the global address lookup shows no matched addresses). It seems that the palm ignores everything after the at as long as it has a match with what is before the @. Anyone else experience this and know how to stop it happening. I can work around either by typing fast enough to beat the gloabal address book search (if I get the @ in before it has a match it returns no results) or putiing in some garbage before the at that I subsequently delete.