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    Is there an app that tracks CPU and/or radio usage? There are times when I pull my Pre from its pouch and find it quite hot and the battery nearly dead after only a couple hours since it was charged. I'd like to know if it's an errant app that I can be sure not to leave running. It may be Verizon driving my phone to connect to a far away cell, it may be that I've got too many apps running (maybe some web page is constantly streaming ads at me).

    I've seen in other posts the suggestion to use 'top' to check CPU usage, but isn't that just a snapshot rather than a cumulative tool? Even if it's cumulative I think it requires some kind of terminal access.
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    keep in mind that you shouldn't leave govnah running in your pocket. It polls your cpu every second and will drain your battery while also slowing down your phone.
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    The TIME number in ps/top is cumulative since boot. minutes:seconds of cpu time. The %cpu is cumulative in ps, instant snapshot in top. You do need terminal access to see it.

    All the Javascript (non-PDK) apps run in the LunaSysMgr process though so it wouldn't tell you anything per-app.

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