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    So I noticed something weird the other day and thought someone should pass it along or see if anyone else has had this issue. I have Verizon and turned on the Mobile Hotspot app to use it. I've used it before and never had an issue. I kept clicking to turn it on at the top and an error message kept coming up saying "You are missing a necessary feature to use the mobile hotspot. Please contact your service provider." I called Verizon and spoke with them forever and confirmed that everything was set up right on my phone and account. Then they had me take it into a store and the corporate store couldn't figure anything out. I was at a loss, and they told me I could get a replacement, but I wanted to go home and back everything up first.

    THen today, I went to try it one more time and noticed that for some reason it had removed the name from the blank where you can name your hotspot. As soon as I put something in, it started right up. Now if I delete the name, it gives me the same error, but as long as the name is there, it will start and work fine.

    Not a big deal, and obviously you need a name for your hotspot, but the error should say something about a name being required rather than needing a feature and calling your service provider. How can I notify HPalm about this so they can check it and fix it later on?

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    Maybe post it in the Palm forums.

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    That has happened a few times on my Verizon Pre. Each time it happens I have to set up a new name and password. After I do that it works fine for a month or so. I have had multiple pres and the problems has occurred with each.
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    I have had this happen as well, but I just rename it and go on about my business.

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