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    I'm not counting on anything from CES but I hope something is shown and that whatever is shown will be available within weeks. I fear that with Verizon having the Pre2, HP Palm will hold off on any new "superphones" till the summer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Solen View Post
    At the Web 2.0 Summit, Jon Rubenstein said 2011 will definitely see many new HP devices, including some smartphones, that's in plural, so something is definitely coming. I'm not worried whether they announce something as CES or not, as HP will have to push forward, regardless of announcements. They were probably waiting to build a larger portfolio than just one or two devices, so they can truly be aggressive on deployment, and be able to release one after the other as they see fit. When people see something that is bleeding edge, they'll come, regardless of the OS, and I'm pretty sure HP knows that.
    I'm thanking that the WebOS tablet will be announced at CES. If a phone is released, ith will be the Pre2. I really believe that there will be no phone announcements at CES.

    I've said before and I'm saying again HP/Palm will re-introduce to the world WebOS by introducing a quality WebOS tablet at CES.
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    If we don't get any solid information on new hardaware and release date by ces, i'm done with webos.
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    I love WebOs but if there isn't a new phone or a FIRM release date for a new phone, I am outta here. I want something like the EVO but not that damn big. Those things are huge, I can't see lugging that around in my pocket. I may go Android or WP7 not really sure. I really don't need alot of games or to many apps for that matter, just want a great hardware keyboard a bit larger screen, better camera and a fast lag free OS. Am I will never get a Iphone, they are good phones just not for me.
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    no reason to stay loyal to a particular os platform. if webos and palm can no longer fulfill your needs or demands, then do what many palm executives did. leave
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