View Poll Results: Should Palm/HP not wait and release webos 2.0 bugs and all?

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  • Yes. I would accept an early release to keep me from leaving.

    42 34.71%
  • No. We can wait, let release when ready.

    65 53.72%
  • I'm done waiting, I'm considering switching to Android/iPhone

    14 11.57%
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    I never had loyalty to the brand to begin with!
    So, I guess you're just using a phone just because... Well, for those who do - we would love to see webos 2.0 on our phones. To the OP. I don't know who to send my complaint too - My carrier or Hp|Palm.
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    I'm not itching for anything. I got over that a LONG time ago. Not sure how it was in the US but when I got my Pre, before paid apps were available, that right there was the worst wait for anything I've waited so far including 2.0.(and even 1.4.5 which for all the hype....well I already had some pretty cool games so it wasn't that big of a deal to me). It'll get here when it gets here and not a minute sooner, so let me know when it does come out because I don't even bother wasting my time checking for it anymore
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    Not going anywhere honestly bc contract doesn't end til may... but yes i agree with everyone the 2.0 release is something that will i feel invigorate our pres and just tie me over til a new webos device is out... I am ready to hear what todays summit 2.0 conference has to say so don't forget if you are allowed to go to the site and watch the summit Web 2.0 Summit 2010 - Co-produced by UBM TechWeb & O'Reilly Conferences, November 15 - 17, 2010, San Francisco, CA
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    Since hearing the palm pre is EOL, honestly after CES. If nothing is in the pipes for Sprint ill be switching to a Android I think. Need somthing that I can count on to be replaced with a identical model.

    I can only hope the EOL is good news for Sprint.

    Becuase technically there is no flagship webOS device available in the US now.
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    Well according to Rubinstien, sounds like existing users will be waiting months...
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    an employee needs to leak an early doctor build that will work with our kernels
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    I think the reason why Palm doesn't just release webos 2.0 to the pixi and pre (plus) is because with 2.0 much of the code needs to be specifically coded for the phone. Pre (plus), Pre 2 and pixi (plus) all have different GPU's, and GPU acceleration of UI doesn't seem to be easy to do. Just look at windows phone 7! WP7 only supports adreno 200. Adreno 205 is not supported.

    I absolutely does not care about any of the new features of 2.0, only the HW acceleration of the UI. So HP/Palm, take your time and do it properly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by patricksmangan View Post
    an employee needs to leak an early doctor build that will work with our kernels
    Agreed, a leak would work in Palm's favor in my opinion. Alot of times these "leaks" are careful marketing strategies.. but it works just about everytime.

    and if it gets people talking about webos, thats what they need right now.

    I guarrantee if there was a Beta 2.0 "leak" precentral users would go nuts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by migs View Post
    The last few days have been very depressing seeing post after post of long time pre users jumping ship.... I too have been very tempted, a lot of us are at a point where we are starting to lose loyalty to the brand.

    I know, and I can speak for many others that 2.0 is badly needed for existing devices and it would immediatley reinvigorate our phones and keep us away from Android/iPhone.

    Please Hurry!! Even an official date for an OTA would bring hope.
    It's all psychological. If users didn't know of OTA updates being such a public event, people wouldn't be so ready to leave. I'm for waiting as long as it takes to be good. Look, if you didn't know your phone was going to get an update any time soon, you'd be happy.

    When I first got my Pre I was completely naive to the fact it even had OTA updates or anything about PreCentral. I had it for almost 3 weeks before I knew about an OTA being available, which was webOS 1.1 or 1.2 I forget. Point being, I was completely happy with it, and looking back, it was WAY different than 1.4.x is.

    Be patient, or get over it.
    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    We always prefer that people donate in response to tangible items they can use today, rather than for intangible promises about the future that may or may not be possible to achieve.
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    Looks like so far, the few that have voted do prefer to wait the "coming months" for 2.0 on existing devices
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    same here,,i liked the phone,,but now I want a new one.
    i thought you bought an epic?
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    Quote Originally Posted by migs View Post
    Well according to Rubinstien, sounds like existing users will be waiting months...
    He said "months"? I don't think so...
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    The problem with the Palm WebOS devices is the Eco system or rather lack there of. I believe the Pre has been out for atleast 20 months now and there are only 4600 Apps for it. Compare that to the Android and iOS market. We should have atleast 20,000 to 25,000 apps by now.

    The big draw to the SmartPhones is what you can run on them. It doesn't matter if you have a better OS, it is all about the Apps!

    I thought that we were getting Flash the first half of this year too!
    My Palm Pre Gets Its Wallpaper From SmartPhone Wallpaper
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    To me it's all about apps, and specifically document editing. I had Word and Excel on my Casio E100 15 years ago!, and I still don't have it on the Pre. Really? In that respect, my WinMo Q9M (and N) are superior to the Pre hands down.

    When my upgrade clock rings I will base my decision upon that. And I won't be fooled again by promises of what is (isn't) coming.

    The GPS is another good example. I know some of you like to blame this on Verizon, but Verizon tried to pull the same stunt on Android, but Google put their foot down. (This is all recorded on HoFo for those that want to look.) Verizon needed an iPhone competitor and caved. Now please tell me HP doesn't have the clout to pull the same thing?

    I'm not giving HPalm a free pass on this. When the alarm rings, you either have it or you don't. And if you don't, game over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    Yep! Time to move on to another toy.
    Can't say it any better.
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    I got a Pre in Nov of 09 and returned it after 2 days because it was lacking the basic functionality, let alone the apps that I relied upon in my Centro. I made the mistake of a Samsung Moment, and only kept it for moment before going back to Centro. It wasn't until I read about Precentral and homebrew before I decided to give WebOs another shot. Every update since I got my Pre in Feb of this year has brought good things, but still the OS lacks alot of things that Palm had on the Treo/Centro models. I have learned to live with the limited apps, but I want a phone that works well without hours of adjustment and tinkering. If HP can give us that with 2.0, then I wait another month, it's ok. (My contract is up in February anyway).
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    I would be happy with a early release doctor just to take advantage of 2.0. I am tired of my device being slow even with overclocking. A early Doctor like what happened with 1.4.5 would be amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    He said "months"? I don't think so...
    He said webOS 2.0 would be rolling out over the next couple of months.
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    is the 2.0 upgrade even being tested by the carriers??? We know vzw has it for the pre 2, but not sure they have the upgrade to test...
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    Palm's motto: "Tomorrow free beer"............
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