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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    So are you going to accept hparsons' bet?

    Post 100, where's my Special PM??
    The bet is on then! Lol
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    And i change my mind. Im going to holdout till CES 2011! Android is a p.o.s. Either that or the My Touch 4G is a P.O.S.
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    Once Ruby said the infamous "in the coming months" phrase for 2.0 rollout, I know it'd be 2011 for release, unfortunately. If I was going to be released this year, "in the coming weeks" is more like it.
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    Ruby can't say "in the coming weeks" because he has no earthly idea when any of the carriers will show enough grace to push them out. It's not in his power.

    Verizon, for example, needs to break the GPS code in 2.0 before they can release it to their customers, so users can b*tch about how much Palm sucks and get a Droid within the first 30 days. And with its new HTML5 geolocation feature, that's probably more work than it used to be.

    So what's Palm gonna say? They have no idea when the carriers will push it out, so what's the use in saying any more than "sometime in the next few months"? It's the only reliable info they can give us.
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    From the Dev NYC meeting, one of the things that the speaker about Enyo said was that they specifically test on pixis and pre minuses to ensure that their new code is fast and that even on that device its super fast vs mojo.
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    Waiting until CES
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    Quote Originally Posted by caddyshack View Post
    still waiting
    dont get hemroi....... um hurt waiting !!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I agree pretty sure there is no webOS 2.0 judging from nyc dev meeting. I believe CES 2011 will be used to introduce the FULLY BAKED 2.0 devices with multiple form factors.
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    everyone is waiting for ces. what a big let down if they come out with nothing or a pre 2 +.

    im sure we can make up with the next excuses. i hope they make me eat my words.
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    I had my doubts of Bell releasing 2.0 on there pres as they have not been the best with the updates, but there seems to be good news

    webOS 2.0 coming to the Bell Palm Pre |
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    Although I would like to get 2.0 before Christmas (best present I could possibly get), I don't think it will be pushed out until January at the earliest. Here's to hoping it's earlier than that.....

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