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    crap, he is a gazillionaire so it was only a matter of time
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    Opps, but this in the wrong forum. Can a mod move it to the proper forum? Thanks.
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    Great... nothing shocks me anymore.
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    Wow passionate person. Too bad, it's people like him that make great products.
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    Wow, a very long statement. Wishing him success on whichever direction he chooses on going now.
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    this will hurt a bit for Webos, (of course it will not decided if it sinks or swims) because Not only was Raul so passionate about his work, he held Webos in high regards. Hp IMO needs these type of people in the organization, to help make Webos successful.
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    Canadians are so smart
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    People who know me best know that I’m not satisfied collecting a paycheck unless I am making a remarkable difference.
    OK, so he's currently not in a position to make a remarkable difference...
    (what counts for his future, may count for his present)
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    I think he will go to google as well or Nokia perhaps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkhanmd View Post
    I think he will go to google as well or Nokia perhaps.
    Not necessarily. Rahul's more of an entrepreneur (which is why he started Voodoo). These types of people cannot survive under a corporate roof happily.

    If anything since he's no longer an exec at HP he can be more vocal about things...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmausser View Post
    Canadians are so smart
    Maybe Jason is looking for a new player at Canuck Software :-)
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    Maybe we can get him to join WebOS Internals?
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    maybe he is going to head up a new gaming unit for the appleTV... doubtful but possible. I wonder if he was not digging the new management at HP...
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    This is not good. He had high praise for Voodoo and WebOS. He did not say much about HP.

    Then one of the things he said about HP raises a red flag: "We merged, we invented, we kicked ***, and we had fun, but then things got a little complicated"
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    I think he wants to run a company, not be run....
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    Good luck to him...
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    He will be missed by this community. To my knowledge Rahul Sood was our best champion of webOS among the former HP executives. His articles and insights have proven an invaluable source of hope and enthusiasm for fans of webOS. His participation in this forum and his Twitter posts have provided us with many hours of pleasure.

    I wish him all the best and good luck!
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