I have a pre+ on VZW and of course the gps is brutal. so the GPS tonight was again not working, but i had my ipod touch (2nd Gen) with me, and decided to connect it to the inet via pre+ mobile hotspot. After connecting, i opened the google maps (on both devices, pre and ipod) and the pre of course was saying "Your Current location is unavailable". The iPod however had me pegged to my exact location and followed me for a few miles then i turned it off.

So can someone explain to me, technically, why this is the case?

why can the ipod touch pinpoint my exact location and follow me for miles and my pre cannot?

Is the gps crippling limited to the device itself (firmware) or is it the towers?

How is the iPod getting a lock and i mean down to the exact intersection of where i was without a gps chip using the pre+ mobile hotspot?