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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakeeeee View Post
    freetetherd is a service for Mobile Hotspot
    freetether is an application. They're both searchable in Preware. Just start typing at the main app scene.
    Wow, I only have and installed freetetherd from Preware. I cannot find fretether...
    I think here is my problem...

    EDIT: Okay. I deleted freetetherd / reboot / installed freetether / reboot
    Not working yet. Checking freetether.
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    Okay, itīs working!
    but very very very slowly!!! :-(
    Probably my only EDGE connection; without 3G

    I reinstalled freeteetherd too because I did not understand if I should keep both or not.
    So last questions:
    # Keep freetether and freetetherd?
    # freeTether shows IP Forwarding Enabled when it was working. I think it changed automatically from Disabled to Enabled. Is it right?
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    Keep both, and yes, just keep it enabled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by webfellow View Post
    Keep both, and yes, just keep it enabled.
    Thank you!
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