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    Hi, I'm new to WebOS so please excuse me if my question reflects that.

    I added my Facebook account to my Pre (1.4.5). My Contacts entries which have Facebook accounts appear fine, although I can't verify that they are all OK. Thing is, right at the bottom of the Contacts list, are a whole bunch of contacts that have a Facebook ID as a name and nothing else. I'm not sure if they are the ones are already linked with my existing contacts.

    I have the messaging plugin (homebrew) installed and they are showing the Facebook contacts as just the IDs as well.

    Any idea how to "convert" these FB IDs into actual contacts? Or get rid of them without affecting FB accounts that are already linked in other Contacts entries?

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    Use the jabber plugin instead to connect to facebook, search for "facebook over jabber", it syncs the names correctly

    Btw... it's been said several times inside the plugins threads, but I'll let you pass this time
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