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    Hi everyone!

    I am new around here and plan on staying. I love this community I fell into, and have been learning the ropes these last two days. I am trying to get a handle on Palm Pre battery life. I have searched for endless hours for answers to these questions, so if i missed something obvious my apologies.

    For one, I have read through this great thread:
    (my post count was not high enough. here is what it is called. "pre will not sleep" involving a long debate between some intelligent people.)

    and determined that my phone is not doing the sleep bug where it will sleep wakeup sleep wakeup etc every second. But it WILL do it every couple minutes, sometimes more. Maybe it just wakes up normally for background tasks? If so ok.

    My question... When using the "top"command in terminal it shows that my lunasysmng uses anywhere from 15-70% sometimes more. Constant 12-15, often jumps to 30% and the occasional 60-80%

    I also will wake my phone at times, to see that govnah says i have average loads of 10-20 or so. With no cards or anything opening while the screen is off.

    why? Is that normal? This is with EVDO on, no gps, no wifi, no other cards except terminal on. I can list my patches:

    5x4 icons v2
    ad blocker
    alarm daily options
    change number of bookmarks on startpage
    fullscreen mode browser
    hide amazon, music player, nascar, nfl
    hold tap context menu
    more default snooze times
    new card button
    show app details
    show download count
    simple shutter sound off
    slider blocks orientation change
    sms vibrate to two seconds
    swipe to delete
    unhide dev mode icon

    I am running govnah, and uberkernal. I have tried every combination of settings in govnah to try and get it to stop. No luck. I have uninstalled them both, reinstalled. Of course i cant tell load averages like i did with govnah uninstalled.

    But what exactly is going on here? In short. I "sometimes" see weird battery drain, under what I would call controlled environments

    Thank you so much for any help you might be able to offer.
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    lunasysmgr is basically the webOS system on linux, so what your seeing could be anything from synergy doing it's thing or apps doing their stuff, I would leave wifi ON whenever you have a wifi connection, the wifi radio is more efficient than the evdo/phone.
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    Interesting. That makes better sense though. If you have the top can you run "top" in terminal and tell me what your current lunasysmgr is at?

    and I have started using wifi while at work and have seen a positive change. But my current home wifi solution is abysmal... and cuts in and out.

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