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    Do you ever sit at your desktop/laptop and try to switch windows by swiping... Close windows by flicking, performing back gestures etc? I do it all the time...kind of amusing, in a weird way... I've used windows-style computers since my old Atari ST, and going on 10 months with webOS, I'm already being re-programmed. Are you?
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    You say stand up and be counted but than ask about sitting.. All this is waaaaaay above my head... I need my meds

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    You mean like taking your hand off the mouse and swiping it on the monitor?

    ...boy, once you get south of Red Deer things sure do get wonky... :-)
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    I use the Opera web browser on my desktop and it has the option to use gestures such as right click + move left for going back a page, right click + move right to go forward and more. It reminds me of the Pre a bit. I like it. And just like phones, I dont like using a desktop web browser without it. lol
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    No, not at my desktop, but when I set up Exchange sync for iPhone users at work, I'm dumbfounded by how clunky it is.

    Au revoir,

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    Never on the computer, but I do it all the time if I have to use my wife's iPod Touch. I am quite used to the swipe motion on a smartphone.
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    you know the control-tab carosel of open apps? I want to flick through that thing with my mouse.

    and I think I'm slower navigating any phone or mp3 player if it doesn't have a webos gesture area now that I'm used to it.
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    I need to sit for just a bit, drink some rum-n-coke, then if I can stand afterwards you can cou......... Oops, can someone refill my drin......k
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    You mean like taking your hand off the mouse and swiping it on the monitor?

    ...boy, once you get south of Red Deer things sure do get wonky... :-)
    I meant exactly that, sorta... I might be moving my mouse with one hand and trying to flick away stuff with the other, I do have a fairly large monitor and i'm not the tidiest computer user.... 3/4 of my task bar full and 6-7 tabs open per window. I can't be the only one. And I agree with you... I've lived here for 10 years, there is definitely something in the air/water/food/something out here... But I'm still an islander at heart
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    While I haven't been tempted to swipe the TV or monitor I certainly start doing it to any hand held device I come across, webOS or otherwise.....perhaps you have had one to many tumblers of screech sledge.

    At least you didn't get stuck in Fort Mac like everyone else.
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    If Sledge has blond hair, get the white-out away from him!
    I see pandas.

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