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    I know we cant make a modified WebOS version, but it would be really cool if a homebrew developer could make a WebOS QuickInstall "like" program out there called "WebOS Ultimate Edition" that would be the ultimate single action patch to the Palm Pre. So it would just be applying all the patches to your Pre at once.

    Just Developer Mode your Pre, download the WebOS Ultimate Edition Java app, plug in your phone and then it just auto-does all the work.

    So it would just be a compilation of all the MegaMix patches

    Advanced Configuration for System Preferences
    Advanced Configuration For App Launcher
    Advanced Reset Options
    Device Menu Maxed Out Ultra
    Email Megamix
    Messaging Megamix
    Browser MultiMod
    PDF Redux
    Add Bing, Dictionary, Thesaurus, IMDB and Yahoo to search.

    And every other patch that enhances the phone rather than taking away or changing a feature:

    Some examples (there are so many im not going to list them)

    Animated Backgrounds
    3000 autoreplace words
    Landscape Email, Youtube, Messaging
    Additional Messaging Plugins
    Raise Resolution Limit
    iPhone Spoof

    Also the patches that speed up the device: (some examples)

    Muffle system logging
    Allow Browser in Low Mem
    Unthrottle download manager

    Basically every patch that is an enhancement to WebOS

    Plus some of the homebrew apps that enhance the use of WebOS

    Replace Music app (so just hide it) with Music Remix 2.0
    BFG Maps
    Preset Reset
    Mode Switcher

    And install the Uberkernel with Compcache pre-enabled.

    It would be really cool if someone could create a simple java installer like WebOSQuickInstall that just installed all of these patches at once, and called it "Web OS Ultimate"

    Then someone out there who wants a little more advanced of an OS with their Pre can do it without tinkering around or having to individually install a bunch of patches and apps. Just a simple one click install of all the greatest things from Homebrew that have been tested and proved to be OK in one easy install.

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    some patches can't co-exist so it would be hard to find the mix that every one wanted and still would work.

    the cloaest thing so far are the 'mixes' like advabced launcher options and such
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    Yes and there are several listed that I don't use and don't want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    some patches can't co-exist so it would be hard to find the mix that every one wanted and still would work.

    the cloaest thing so far are the 'mixes' like advabced launcher options and such
    Pretty much all patches can co-exist if they are written into a single giant patch. You could then make an app that would turn various options on/off and tweak other options.

    That would be a monumental task though and modifying or updating a single patch would be almost impossible for the patch creator...
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    If there was a patch written for all those patches in one without any conflicts, that would be the mothership of all patches.

    It doesn't seem like a bad idea. Instead of going to Preware to search for and download patches they would all be available to just be enabled in some menu.

    I would imagine it would be a pita to maintain though..
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    I appreciate the comments and saying "I dont want this and that patch" but then this option wouldnt be for you.

    Sometimes the best approach is the dictatorial one. If someone were to create this megapatch they would be the ones to decide what patches go in.

    Dont like it? Then install selective patches yourself with Preware.

    Thats what it was made for.

    My idea was for people who dont want to waste or spend time looking through the patches, just a simple upgrade that someone else (the creator of the megapatch) thought up for them.

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