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    I have always been a Palm fan due to the ease of use and feel in the hand but I think Hp/Palm needs to make a real device that can stand out. I have used symbian and android devices which both have great features out of the box compare to the webos. I'm not knocking the webos at all, because it's the best os I have used. I'm just saying that Hp/Palm need to add more features to such great os. Just imagine the Nokia N8 with the Webos, all those features + a great os = a Beast that will surely Stand out from he competition which will create more sales and also demolish the competition. So come on HP/Palm get with the program and stop wasting time and money developing device for the 1990's as were in new erra now!
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    Many feel the same way you do. Patience... Things will better soon.
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    I think we are all hoping that CES 2011 (January 6-9) will bring several killer HP/Palm devices. WebOS can stand up to state of the art hardware if Palm includes the API’s so developers can include the functionality of the hardware enhancements in their software. The general feeling is that HP will use 2011 as a launch year for new webOS devices and updates. Let’s hang in there until it happens!
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