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    So, I've been thinking what I would really like to see in the next batch of devices. At first, I thought I wanted something with a giant screen so that I could hang out with the android crowd. But now that I have thought about it more, I want to draw from the old folio idea (now in the RIM Playbook) and go with two main devices.

    I want a pre2, small, compact, pocketable

    And I want a 10" pad with a wacom pen that shares a data connection with the pre2

    I find the pre screen to small to do much of anything except get quick information, and while I used to use my TX and T3 a ton, I have 3 laptops at home now and find it a much better experience to just grab one of those to read the web or work on my todo list.

    With a pad I think I will eliminate 80% of what I do on my laptop and 30% of what I do on my phone.

    What is the best combination of devices for you?
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    Without a doubt... Pre 2 and pad.
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    The problem with the Pre2 is that the resolution is too low. With that small screen and resolution, I'm forced to use the mobile version of websites. With a retina display the desktop version of websites is very usable and I don't have to zoom in to read PDFs

    You don't want a 10" tablet with a wacom pen either. At 10" the tablet would be too big to hold properly while using a pen. You wouldn't be able to rest your wrist while using the device.

    My current setup is a Palm Pixi, an iPod Touch and an iPad (with a stylus for capacitive touchscreens). What I want is a Palm 'Mansion' (3.5" screen or smaller—retina display not bigger screen), a 7" tablet with a wacom pen and then maybe I'll keep the iPad for iOS apps.
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    I totally agree! I would love the 10" pad, running off the connection from a pocket-sized phone. I don't personally have a need/desire for a pen/stylus, but I think the Pre/Pre2 becomes greatly more useful when paired with a larger screen option.

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