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    Hi folks,

    after searching some days for a free touchscreen optimized calculator that also gives feedback of all operation inputs, I wasn't really satisfied.

    So I tried to make another one and you may download the result in the official App Store now: "2lineCalc"

    Any feedback concerning the user interface and the calculator would be appreciated.

    Thanx in advance, martux
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    Looks very nice. I've not played with it much yet, but have the following questions/comments/thoughts:
    1) The Rnd and Ans buttons don't show all their letters. I just see R... and A...
    2) I see the RND is retained, but it can be a little confusing. For example round to 0 decimal points and then try to divide 1 by 3. It gives you 0 which is correct, but when you come back in later and forget you're on 0 decimal, it seems odd 1/3 equals 0. Maybe display the number of decimal pts somewhere on the screen?
    3) How do I move on to a new calculation? If I do 9x5= and then want to do 8x3= (ok, I don't really need a calculator for those, they're just examples :-). I actually end up with 9x58x3. I think pressing equals should end that line's input.
    4) I was unable to tap in the formula to move the cursor. I could accomplish the same thing using the << and >> buttons, but the app catalog mentioned users could tap in the formula.

    Excellent job for the first iteration. I think its cleaner than the default calculator. Maybe you could consider adding more functions as shift or alt of the buttons kind of like the way the default calculator pops up more functions when you hit space. For example, you could do shift^2 gives you x^y, shift X gives %, shift / gives square root, etc. Just an idea.
    Rgds/Mark M.
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    hi mmeltser,

    thanx for your quick feedback!
    ad 1) may I assume that you have a pixi? I debugged the app on my old pre and up to now I just can't afford two mobiles in the moment to check those design differences. I developed this app completely with ares, where obviously another resolution is simulated. I'll put this on my urgent ToDo list for an update.
    ad 2) the number of digits to round will also be displayed in the next release.
    ad 3) I planned the edit field in the way I did as a feature, not a bug, sorry
    anyway you can tap the AC-Button to delete the edit field. In most of the calculations I'm doing, I just have to change one digit or so. Thats why I left the "old" input in the edit field (and also shift it one step up in the "history) - lets wait what other users think...
    ad 4) sorry for the missunderstanding, with "touchscreen optimized" I meant the way you tap in the operations.

    best regards, martux
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    1) Nope, I've got a palm pre plus running 1.4.5. I don't think I've done anything special or non-standard in terms of font size
    2) Cool. I think it would be a nice addition
    3) Makes sense to me. I think it just takes getting used to
    4) Got it

    Have a great weekend!
    Rgds/Mark M.
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    hi mmeltser, just 3 short points:

    #1 hmmm, that's a real strange issue. I'have got also 1.4.5, but its on an "old" pre, may palm has made some minor design changes between the pre and the pre+, or is there a different system language font type (mine is german)?

    @ Community:
    I think we should ask other readers of this thread, whether they can see the full [rnd] and [ans] button:
    hey folks out there, would some of you please make a short app download and tell us, which palm you have and how both button texts look like?

    #3 the background of this decision was to implement a basic "programming" feature and make recursive calculations possible.
    e.g. to see the growing of a yearly saving of 500$ at the and of each year with 4% interest you can tap: "500 = Sto AC y*1,04+500 =" and get the closing capital for the 2. year. now just repeat "Sto =" and you'll get the following years.

    #4 the other reason, not to implement a touchable editfield is the difficulty I'm always having to hit the right letter, when I wanna edit text in other applications. in this cases I miss cursor buttons don't you?

    Anyway I'll think about some minor design changes over the weekend...

    so long, martux
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    All makes perfect sense to me. With the exception of the missing button text, I don't think anything needs to change. I like the cursor buttons instead of trying to move the cursor by touch. My language is American English -- maybe that's the difference?
    Rgds/Mark M.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmeltser View Post
    1) The Rnd and Ans buttons don't show all their letters. I just see R... and A...
    Same effect on my Pre-.
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    @ mmeltser & johncc:

    thanks for the reports. release 1.0.2 is just published in the app catalog and i hope i fixed the design issues:
    - <dip> instead of <ans> has a letter less in proportional fonts
    - round function gets an own list-selector beside the display

    @ all:
    added also some little useful features. further design proposals are welcome.

    have fun with the update, martux
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    Nice changes! I see the button text now although don't quite understand how <dip> means <ans> which is fairly standard for answer of previous transaction.

    I like the conversion/constants function and the way you got the decimal to display. About the only other thing I can think of would be some more advanced functions as I described above. That said, you've got what I would use 90% of the time.
    Rgds/Mark M.
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    hi mmeltser,

    [dip] is my akronym for DIsPlay InPut. I decided to rename the button in order to make a quick update possible (and besides the "standard-argument" that's not the worst choice?)
    a few days ago, i sent a mail to the palm/hp developer support concerning the language related button issue. as soon a i have a helpful answer, i'm gonne decide, whether to redesign the button or which other way to choose.

    another point is your desired "auto-AC"-function after [=]. There are some other users, who asked for this. in the next version i think i'm gonna add an option for this point. obviously it seems to be a question of user-philosophie and in this case, i think i can help both sides
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    I like this calculator much more than the default but one thing that should be added is an auto clear after pressing display input. As it stands if I'm making a series of compounding calculations I have to clear then (dip) and it would be a lot more convenient to have it happen on its own because I often forget
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    hi dhicks01,

    thanks for the feedback again.

    just an idea: wouldn't it be easier for you, if i'm gonna build in an option, that the dip text (not the number) is also shown in the edit field and automatically filled in on [=], like the y for the memory is?

    best regards, martux
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    Dear webOs fans,

    during the last two weeks I developed a Pro-version of 2lineCalc called "3lineProCalculator" which might be interesting for some of you.

    Though I opened a new thread under the webos-apps-forum:

    here's a short list of the improvements (already vers. 1.1.2 of 3lineProCalc):

    - scientific functions (log, sin, arc sin ...), more useful conversions
    - correct interpretation of numbers like 6.22e+19 or 3.13e-25
    - option to store own shortcuts
    - easy access to 6 memory entries and 10 history entries
    - 'dip' shortcut for faster recursive calculations
    - education mode that shows the order of solving brackets and other steps of a complex calculation
    - options for 'autoAC' after each (=) tap and 'AC-lock' to prevent deleting by mistake
    - 'fast moving' shortcuts for the cursor
    - 8 color themes
    - more intuitive handling of negative algebraic signs, e.g.: -y for negative values off y is now interpreted correctly
    - one more zoom-factor for short inputs
    - possibility to send a history entry via email to others (**this is also available directly from 2lineCalc, the update was sent to palm/HP yesterday and may be published on wednesday**)
    - possibility to send a history entry via sms to others (also in next 2lineCalc update)
    - option for 'landscape' mode, option for a 'vibrate' feedback at each button tap (also in next 2lineCalc update)
    - warning concerning syntax and brackets if user is importing a shortcut via copy-paste-doubletap
    - online-resource for lots of shortcuts (also in next 2lineCalc update)

    Thanks in advance for further remarks!


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