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    With the mindshare issues and the "classic" issue should Palm/HP pay some developers that have "key" productivity applications ported to webOS (to coincide with the CES and the release of the new webOS phones and tablet)?

    This may be what is required to get over the hump and also retain/recover the many former PalmOS users that have jumped ship or thinking about it. In addition, hopefully it will also attract new converts. Applications like ePocrates, Datebk6, HanDBase, eWallet and agendus come to mind and I assume there are some iPhone productivity apps that webOS users would love to have. This should not cost a lot of money if you keep it to a select list of apps, considering the development tools that are available for webOS. I know this would not be fair to the developers that have spent there own money to develop apps for webOS, but I believe we are at a critical junction and the so called mindshare needs to be raised. There is an analogy something about raising the water level benefits all.

    Please don't flame me just for putting an idea out there for discussion because out of good discussion sometime comes brilliant ideas that do not resemble the original point. If someone has already said this I apologize for the duplicate thread.
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    yes and yes
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    Not a bad idea but not w/o real hw (no not the Pre2).

    Real hw, real advertisement and it would be easier to do so w/o having to pay devs.
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    I was thinking about this to provide that extra spark with the introduction of the "true" new hardware that is rumored to be introduced at CES. Something like: "Here is our great new hardware plus we now have these significant applications running on it!" with the supposed speed and ease of porting "Angry Birds", we should have enough time before CES to get this done.
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    YES! New hardware AND knockout software running and available @ launch.
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    of course.

    apple, google, and microsoft do it.
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    I think they should.
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    Without a doubt. it is the way the game is played. In the beginning, when the "gold rush" mentality was strong, developers all wrote for a potentially popular platform hoping to get rich quick. That time has passed, especially for the Palm platform.

    Besides, there is "fair play" in this market. Google, according to reports, has not made a dime of profit on producing and selling the Android OS. But they are willing to eat the costs in order to get eyeballs for advertising, etc. So if you can get the developers by paying them, go for it.

    But instead of just handing out money, determine what the app holes are on the platform and pay just ONE (maybe two) developers handsomely in each of the categories needed. If the money is good enough, they will compete for the contract... especially if they are lost in the jungle of iPhone application and not seeing any action there.

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