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    Got this message on FB and i cant tell whether its fake or real

    Subject: webOS
    you were referred to me as a webOS lover, anxiously awaiting webOS 2.0. would you agree to a short email or phone interview about how you use it? If so, please respond asap. thanks, sandy. (It would be published in an HP email publication)
    anybody else got this message I'm skeptical, i think its fake <deleted>. What do you guyz think.
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    By the way it's written, it doesn't seem official at all... lol
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    So many scams on FB... personally, I'd ignore it. If you access your FB account from your device, it isn't that hard for a company/person to see what OS you are accessing with and taper an email based on that info. I say it's junk... but that's only one voice.
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    I'd steer clear of it personally.
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    I think the giveaway is where it mentions webOS lover as opposed to webOS user.
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    Who was the user? screencap them? Seems a little sketchy

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