I sold my Pre Plus back in April. I've been wondering since then, what advancements have come along. Obviously I've seen WebOS 2.0 is soon to be released, but anything else?
Will 2.0, or has an earlier update, added support for Camera API's for apps like a barcode scanner?
Any advancements in tweaking better battery life? (Seidio 2600 or other fat batteries aren't what I'm interested in)
Anything to look out for in the coming year?

I like my Droid Incredible, but there is a lack of polish that Android has and I think WebOS is a gorgeous and polished OS. I found it hard to stick with my Pre Plus with all the hardware issues I encountered. I went through 4 phones in the first 30 days because of faulty keyboards and horrific screens. The last phone I had was somewhat a keeper. The keyboard functioned but there was some yellow markings under the glass on the display. I just lived with it till I sold it.
Anyway I digress, I'm not sure the Pre form factor is what I'm looking for but heard that many new devices are slated for next year. I'd like to track the WebOS world in the meantime to see what comes. I'll also be monitoring Windows Phone and see how they grow. Anyway, thanks for your time