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    I was reading the webOS Doctor 2.0 thread and it sounds like good things are coming. Just thought I'd keep comments out of that thread and leave the guys working on it some space to do their thing.
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    There is a bunch of fun things in the 2.0 Doctor.
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    I'm excited! I keep hitting my update button about every 2 hours or so. Just to be sure.
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    I'm only excited for Call Of Duty Black ops ... 2.0 not really..
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    Im excited for webOS 2.0 (i hope rollout date is not Dec 31st) and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Nov. 19th) yay!
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    Lol my brothers pre-ordered black ops, I'm a geek when it comes to that I can't wait. and I can't wait for webos 2.0 either!
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    i'm definitely excited for webos 2.0. i wonder if the are planning to do another hot apps competition for hybrid apps and those that use the new api's.

    and for the next update (when they enable flash in apps /speculation) the can have a hot apps comp for that too.

    i'm also excited for assassins creed brotherhood. black ops, not so much. mw2 let me down (infinity ward), and i pretty much hate everything treyarch touches.
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    I dont think Ive been this excited about anything. HAHA. Its sad though that Im more excited for the 2.0 update than I am the Pre 2. But I think thats just because Ive only had my Pre Plus since May and Its still in good shape. If I had a crappy phone, I'd be really looking forward to upgrading to the Pre 2.
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    I'm excited for 2.0 and all that the good people here find within it!
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    I am definitely excited and enthusiastic to see webOS 2.0 coming to my Pre Plus. If it is all it is cracked up to be (poor choice of words) - I will be even more excited when I get it.
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    I want it now!!!!
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    I'm definately not losing sleep over it, but all these things they keep finding in the Doctor, it's kind of like peeking in the Christmas presents, you get excited (to varying degrees of course) with every new shred of info that gets leaked out, then when it finally comes, loses a bit of punch. Hopefully not too much punch.

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