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    {I had posted the following question under the thread titled "how to block update to OS 2.0? " on 30Oct:
    ~ I am satisfied with the present v1.4.1 OS.
    ~ I dont have the intend to update to v1.4.5 but had unintentionally hit the update function and the update patch was downloaded.
    ~ My Pixi keep on asking me to "Start Update" or "Update later".
    ~ How can I erase that patch and stop the reminder?

    I clarify my question and repost it here again
    #My point is, the update process had already proceeded halfway... the patch had already somewhere in the Pixi, I assume there is no way to stop by "root access and modify Code: /usr/bin ... chmod -x UpdateDaemon... etc "
    #Now whenever I charge the Pixi, it keeps on asking "Start Update", I keep on hitting "Update later", not much big trouble thou.
    #I could not find any bad comment on OS1.4.1 over 1.4.5, but I do find few bad experience in compatibility of apps when others updated to 1.4.5.. This is what worry me.
    # Can anyone know which folder is that patch kept?
    \\\\\\ thanks for your help ///////
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    I actually believe that he is looking for emergency fstab fixer that will fix the filesystem issue. Go ahead and run the 1.4.5 update and then look up fstab in preware. Let me know if you need any help after you've updated but I would stay current just so normal apps won't leave you behind. I haven't had any issues after running the fstab fix.

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