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    Right now as it stands when WebOS 2.0 comes out Sports Calendar will not be able to add events to the calendar. The dev is waiting for Palm to make available to developers the new method for that process. Acording to the dev when they make it available it will be updated ASAP. Just saw this and thought to give a heads up as it is one of my fav apps and you might be interested.
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    Thanks for the heads up, I use this app a lot. I've got all t.v. events for the NFL and NBA seasons scheduled in. Hopefully Palm gets on the ball and get this done quickly.
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    Wow, why can't HPalm get this together? First, I lost access to Aspahlt 5 for months, not I'm gonna lose my NHL calendars for how long? Why must the updates break so much stuff?
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    ?? Well this is going to suck.. I thought the new features were already in webOS 2.0. Not very smart on HP's part if several apps lose functionality and another update is needed to get them to work. Whatever the situation is, I hope there isn't a huge gap between apps not working and getting the issues resolved by both developer and HP.
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    this blows. Hope they get this fixed soon
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    first Classic, now Sports Calendar? ...and how many other apps that use the calendar? LikeMe, Concerts, Concert Scout, Flixster, Fandango, GoodFood, OpenTable and many others add events to the calendar.
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    I thought that one of the new things in 2.0 was to ALLOW third party programs better access to address books/calendars/ etc. What's up with this?
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    Thanks for the heads up concerning Sports Calendar and 2.0.

    I do have another question concerning apps that add dates to the Pre Calendar. How do I get them to sync and show on the Google Calendar? Neither the Sports items nor my Flightview events show on Google.
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    They are separate calendars, so they won't show up in your Google calendar. You can go into individual events on your phone and in the top right corner, tap on the pulldown to change the calendar. I have done this with Flightview but it should also work with other calendars.
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    any updates on when this will be finally compatible w 2.0?
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    Any chance an update will be coming for webos 2.x? I see other webos software that can add to the calendar now. When will this be updated?
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    Support email I received on 3/30/11:

    Short answer, hopefully very soon. We have an new version ready and working with 2.0, but palm is still not allowing applications that use 2.0 Calendar features into the App Catalog, but are expected to have it fixed any day now.

    Long version, in case you are interested. Palm finally planned on allowing Calendar apps to be submitted when they released the 2.1 SDK to developers a couple weeks ago (we have had it ready for a couple months now). We submitted the update for review on 3/17, but it was rejected because of a bug in the review system. Many devs are experiancing the same problem, it has been reported to Palm, and they are working on it. You can follow the dev forum thread if you are really interested

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