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    I have recently been using the Droid X and Incredible, and honestly, I would rather go back to my Pixi Plus. The X and Incredible definitely out-spec the Pixi and Pre by far but I just do not see a reason to leave WebOS. The only thing I can honestly say , and everyone will agree. I want new hardware for sure but I love my Pixi. I loved the speed and cameras on the X and INC, also, after using so many Android apps,its disheartening to have to go back to WebOS and its minuscule app catalog. Anyway, just wanted to say, I have used every phone os and do not see myself leaving WebOS anytime soon. I am getting rid of my Droid X tomorrow and keeping my Pixi.
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    Thanks for your insight! Hopefully the specs and app catalog will get better with time!
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    Hoping the app catalog will be available worldwide
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    Same here.. I love webos and my pre plus. I'll give android two things, they have great hardware and a huge app catalog. That's it!
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    Good to see someone with their head on straight.

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