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    This might be a mute point, but it's worth mentioning. I was thinking the Just Type feature would be pointless if we didn't have a keyboard. Then it hit me. The reason they designed a bubble with "just type" is so u can push it to activate a keyboard. This can be used on a smartphone or tablet -- maybe both. We'll see I guess!
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    A tablet has already been announced
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    Where have you been?! haha. j/k.

    This link might be relevant to your interests:
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    Quote Originally Posted by mosdl View Post
    A tablet has already been announced
    Lol yea I know! But at least this supports the idea of a no phsycal keyboard tablet. And hopefully more devices too!
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    I dont believe that the just type box is there as a button for keyboardless devices, I believe its there to let people know the service is there. I have talked to literally hundreds of webOS users that had no idea that you could just start typing to search! This feature in 2.0 looks to be the single best feature and Palm wants to make sure its not overlooked.

    Just because we here all know about universal search, Doesn't mean everybody does. We here are less than 5% of the total of webOS users. Palm just wants to show off what makes webOS so great.

    I personally hope Palm NEVER deviates from their P/K form factors, I hate V/K! However, I unlike many here, KNOW I am not the majority. my opinions might or might not be but I am not.
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