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    the thread has been closed for the no refresh in browser patch has been closed but I don't think that patch works, atleast not all the time.

    in the videos, deiter said his webpage cards in webos 2.0 never refresh when he goes back to the card. Will that get better with 2.0 on sprint pre hardware?
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    What do you mean "get better"? You want them to refresh?
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    I know there was plenty of times when I was on Precentral in the middle of posting a reply and switching between m.facebook and return to the post the page would refresh . I hate it! Now I always type my replies in a note app.

    I want to know is, if opening a web page and than switch to another card. will the webpage still be white or loaded in the background!
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    it works for me. Won't be needed on webOS 2.0

    the issues you are raising seem to be more related to the precentral mobile site. It's the only place I have the issue. I like to open each thread in a new card and every now and then it will fail.
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    only m.precentral? Weird. I'll have to start using the full site again and see if it happens. I'm pretty sure it happens to me on other sites, but I'll test again.

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