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    Quote Originally Posted by Strikerage View Post
    just remember, Ruby promised 2.0 before years end, but he can't force the hand of the carriers.

    They can do what they want, which means 2.0 aint coming till next year folks. I'll be my new Epic on wit.
    where did you hear next year,,this rumor? I'm very sure it will be here by end of november the latest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xtn View Post
    It is likely that anyone who knows anything ain't talking, and that anyone who is talking don't know anything.
    I think you are correct. I'm talking and I don't know

    I think with the announcement last April...

    ...I think we should at least see it by the end of the year, but who knows. Photos have popped up showing 2.0 on a Pre+ so we could be closer than we realize or those photos could have easily been faked and not mean anything.

    Here is my attemp at faking 2.0 on a Pre(-) NOTE: THIS IS FAKE... I took a screen shot from this page here and set it as my background image so now the time is allways correct.

    On the first image you can clearly see actual wave bar above the screen shot's lower quick launch and the image I used for the background is shown on my monitor behind the phone...
    Now image 2... Look closely and you can see the screen shot's quick launch icons behind the actual quick launch...
    I could have adjusted my launchbar apps to match the screen shot and make it look better and/or I could have photoshoped the screenshots launcher bar out before making it my background, but I think you get the point of how easy it is to fake the "just type" bar on a 1.4.5 Pre(-)
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    He also can't make the developers write code any faster. The old 'throw more bodies at it' trick just makes things take more time. What's out now does not have all of the new features ready, so it would be pretty tough to get 2.0 rolled out by the end of the year.
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    i dont know why but i feel that they probably coded the completed 2.0 in English and not French meaning......its done
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    thank you for letting us know what you found out.

    i figured sprint would not be getting it at all until it got closer to its release of the next phone. so actually hearing a rumor about it coming out sooner then i was figuring is a bonus to me.

    Pre be with you.

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