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    Have just sent myself an email in order to get an address onto my Palm Pre contacts.

    I can copy and paste it into my contacts...but it is still a slightly messy process...

    is there some easier way you can make a block of text that is an address into a contact?

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    if you click on the email address it will expand then you click on the name and you will see the add to contact button.
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    Email address or postal address?
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    Thanks for the replies...I meant a postal address...I guess the issue is how the phone can identify what fields belong where....manual is probably the only way to go...
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    unfortunately, I dont think that webOS knows how to ID mailing addresses.. one option that might be a little faster is to use neato! Do you know about neato!? its a great app that will allow you to just highlight the text on your PC's webbrowser, press a button to send to your phone, and you can select to "copy" the address to the clipboard. You still need to load up each contact and "paste" the address into the contact, but this at least makes copying it easier.
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