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    After the recent issues I had with Classic, I realized - it's time.

    We've been through a lot together. Learning Graffiti (and then Graffiti2 after that stupid Xerox suit). Slapping together a Palm Vx and an Omnisky Minstrel to have handheld Internet access for the first time. Trying to decide between all the options, Palm/Sony/Kyocera/Handspring... The anticipation when Hawkins talked about "the most exciting product I have ever worked on", and the disappointment when it was the Foleo.

    Then the Pre, which I was excited for but unable to purchase because of my needed PalmOS apps. Classic was announced - and I was standing outside a Sprint store on release morning. Sure, it meant switching carriers - but it was worth it.

    We've been through a lot together, but you've changed. HP merger, most of the Pre team departing, and then the casual removal of support for PalmOS users. I can only conclude that you're just not that into me anymore. I'm holding you back, or somesuch.

    So, I took a deep breath yesterday - and bought an Epic. It's different and a little strange, but all of my friends are here. SplashID, HanDBase, eWallet - and I'm making new ones already.

    I hope things go well for you too. I'll be checking in on what you're up to in the future.

    With best wishes,
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