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    As title states, can I have 10 cards in 1 stack and how will it show on the screen? Im sure there has to be a limit otherwise it wont fit onto the screen where I could jump between card within the stack.

    Another feature everyone talks about it widgets. Why no be able to minimize all cards on the bottom of the screen(or top) and bring up a "widgets card system"? I think someone did something like this on the mockups. Although i dont think having widgets and card on the same screen would work(too busy) but minimizing cards will bring up widgets(and a standard widget can be calendar info and tasks, weather, etc. and more widgets to be installed through the app catalog)
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    I don't know if anyone can give an accurate answer as of yet, being that nobody, except the mysterious pre2 owners in France know. From what it looks like, similar cards will be grouped together ie if you have more than 1 facebook page open, plus facebook chat they would be grouped. If you had precentral + forums + a couple links from the forums, they would be linked and so on and so on. I've never had more than 15 or so cards open at once, and that's not a usual thing for me, more just testing capabilities. Time will tell and all will be revealed
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    I still don't understand the need for widgets. correct me if i'm wrong, a widget it nothing more than a persistent app that provides at-a-glance information. the whole multitasking interface in WebOS allows users to keep all apps open persistently. I also know that developers can have their apps respond visually to being minimized. there's no reason that, for instance, a weather app can't change its visual appearance when in card to better relay at-a-glance info, e.i. become a widget. And since they are still running in the background, they can still update live like a widget in any other OS.

    as far as stacks are concerned, i believe i read somewhere that the only limitation on the amount of cards in a stack is RAM.
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    it's shown in one of Dieter's videos. You can have infinite but only four show at a time. I'd link,but I'm mobile and at work. Go find the big webOS 2.0 post and watch the videos. I think it's near the end of the card opening comparison with the pre+
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    so if it shows only 4 at a time, how would you navigate through the rest of the stack? I've been wondering the same exact thing as the OP.
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    you swipe and it reveals the next four I believe. Like I said, it's shown in one of the videos in this post:

    the multitasking or speed test one I believe, don't have time to watch. If memory serves it's near the end of whichever one it's in.
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    I just got home and realized the demo of tons of cards in a stack may have been in the palm cast! Sorry guys! After possibly supplying false information I'll fulfill my duty and seek it out proper and post something definitive.

    Edit: Yup. I was wrong before. It was in Palmcast 123. I don't know if there's an archive of the video anywhere, but Dieter gives a pretty good verbal description of what's going on. It begins 33:11 in. Dieter is quoted as saying

    You can have an infinite number of cards in one stack.
    It lets you see one, two, three, four cards in your stack at a time, and then it bunches up all the other cards in the stack on the left and right of the screen...
    There's a little more than that. Sorry memory didn't serve, but now you at least partially have your answer.
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