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    I'm curious if there's a way to disconnect the data services similar to how we can turn off WiFi or Bluetooth? Here's why I'm asking....

    I was recently at a college football game with 90,000 of my close friends inside the stadium and I'm sure a few more within a short distance outside. I have a Pre on Sprint. The battery charge was 100% as I walked into the stadium.

    My phone had the 3G connection and 3-4 out of 5 bars worth of signal. However, the battery life was being sucked dry faster than Dracula drinking blood.

    One of my friends had an iPhone and her battery was draining fast too. So seeing that, I know it wasn't an issue with Sprint or my Pre. It seemed there was too much traffic for the cell tower covering the area to handle. My friends with "dumb" phones had no issues with their battery draining away.

    It would have been very if I could deactivate the data services (or whatever it was) so I could continue sending/receiving text msgs. I had to keep toggling into Airplane Mode to save the battery.

    Any thoughts?
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    Sure, shut off data in your phone preferences

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