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    I just saw that Rockband is in the app catalog and saw in the discription that you can play all instruments and sing also. I'm no dev but does that mean that's the mic API is open now. Does that mean voice to text, shazam or any other voice type apps are coming?
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    Gooood question! I thought the same thing when I saw it in the appcat. I initially wrote it off as a copy-paste iphone/android/etc decription. Although it could support it if it was downloaded on certain Pre2 pre-production devices... If they've made proper use of the mic API in webOS 2.0 it's possible. I don't see how it could work on any 1.x device right now though!
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    Isn't it so that PDK apps maybe can already access the mic (similar to the homebrew voice recorder) and the API's we're talking about are javascript functions to access the mic?

    Which may explain the availability of this app.
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    with 2.0 mic access is coming. You just tap on screen for the vocals in rock band. It's a great game though!

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