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    This morning my pre locked up and told me that it needed to restart (very nice of it). It lost my Profile information and I had to log in and sync my accounts. Everything seemed fine until I went to run Govnah and could not find it. I went right for Preware and could not find it either.

    I decided to try and reinstall preware from WEBOSQI and got the attached error message.

    I tried to troubleshoot WEBOSQI. turned on dev mode, re-downloaded webOS Doc, made sure cable was ok, reinstalled the novacom driver but nothing seems to help.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    go into preferences on phone and reset
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    I have received this error before, try closing out WOSQI and restarting the program. If that doesn't work reset Pre and restart PC, then try again.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I just tried this. I restarted the computer and reset the phone. I get the same message when trying to install Govnah...

    Any more ideas?
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    see if govnah is listed under installed items in preware if it is remove it and restart and install
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    I used the standalone installer and it worked. Not sure why but I'm good now...



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