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    Update WebOs Apps!! - Google Mobile Help

    Even with webos 2.0 the word has been googlemaps still sucks, and youtube is still basic as ever, asked on the palm dev forum and was told it was google that had to update the apps not I opened up a question on their support forum.

    If everyone could take 2 seconds of their time and just put something as simple as a +1 so google actually update these apps.
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    I completely agree! Someone needs to light a fire under Google's green behind!
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    Would be great if the link could be put on the front page..that way we could get the most number of users putting something on the post
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    so theres no confusion... look at the articles date
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    replied !!

    for me, youtube works better than my former BB Storm, but google maps is VERY basic, I understand that android gets "the last" from google, but no way webOS is getting fewer apps than iOS or Blackberry
    Show must go on...
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    I agree.. Will do.

    ...that and a couple more applications.


    [i]--Sent from my pre.
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    +1 did reply there

    Perhaps the #ReleaseMyPre guy should be informed to make goooooooogleee video
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    I agree. I also wish street view would be incorporated into Maps.
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    I think google wants everyone to use their services no matter what phone is chosen, but they want to leave a little incentive to choose am android phone.
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    Google needs to stop doing their laundry at work, sliding down slides into the cafeteria, and playing with their dogs in their offices and start writing some code.

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