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    I don't know if this is possible, but it would be amazing if, when you power your device down by holding the power button and following the prompts to shut down (like if you're changing your battery), when you power back on, there would be an option to "restore previous cards/stacks" that were open when you shut down. This would be especially useful because of how many stacks of cards you could potentially be working with now. Any ideas?
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    +100 for that request! maybe someone could write an app that would save the state of the phone before shutting off, even if you had to run it manually before shut down!

    I'm liking it!
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    Not a bad idea. i can see that in the future of WebOS
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    i think mode switcher can do something like this..

    but a native solution would be great
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    I'll hit Palm up about it a little later today.
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    anyone know which palm email address I should use to get this idea to the right people?
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    Don't know if the h/w supports it..
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    it wouldn't be a limitation by the hardware. As long as there is any memory available, it should be able to be programmed into webOS.
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    voice commands
    voice dial
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    Simply saving states and loading usual apps depending on activity would be great. Yes, I also think Mode Switcher c/would do this, but something built-in and native would be better. Sorli...
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    Nice idea

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    threaded emails
    visual voicemail
    swype keyboard
    native .doc, .xls, .ppt editors
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    Well, I signed up as a developer on the palm developer site so I could shoot the idea to them. We'll see what comes of it, if anything. I'll post here if I hear anything back. I wish I knew the first thing about programming, I'd love to be able to bake up something like this.
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    All kinds of emails to Palm but no reply other than the standard "thank you for your interest in webOS, stay tuned for more" ...
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    Great idea! Any reason not to have this option on a reboot as well?

    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    i think mode switcher can do something like this..
    Right now Mode Switcher can (easily) launch a predetermined set of apps on boot, but I'm 99.99% sure that it can't "restore previous session" so to speak. It seems within the realm of possibility for it though, and who knows what Sconix is cooking up for 2.0. I'll go bug him about this just in case.

    but a native solution would be great
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    Quote Originally Posted by sconix View Post
    This was/is something that I was/am going to look into for MS 2.0. Haven't look into it yet so can not say if its possible to do, but if it is its definitely in MS 2.0.
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    I think voice dialing and commands seems to be rapidly moving up many people's lists. Supporting multiple profiles, better support for email, access to the internal memory (not via homebrew)......... basically if you want to figure out what lots of people want, look to the homebrew community (patches and whatnot) for those answers.

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    How about the Pre just try being a better phone. I would prefer that I could use my phone in my house without using an Airwave.

    For those of you that don't know, I believe the phone's software makes the Pre abnormally swith happy jumping from one tower to the other not allowing it to roam easily.

    I want new features like the next person but I need a great 'PHONE' as well.
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    paying with paypal....i need that
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