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    i have actually done this before and while it took me a while to get it right and i was able to get it to work. unfortunately my camera went out on my pre and had to get a new one. so now im following all the same steps and i cant get it to work. quick install pops up but nothn works i followed every thread to fix the problem but nothn. ive had it working b4 why doesnt it work now i even deleted all files and re-down load everythn up to date nothn it doesnt promp me to plug in my phone. when i do install my phone in dev mode and novacom is on nothn hapns agn.
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    step one: get into developer mode (type webos20090606)
    Step two: plug in your phone
    step three: double click on the quickinstall .jar file. make sure it's in the same directory as webos doctor.
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    done and done. do i give a while b4 i press anythn or?
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    if it sees your phone, you are good to go!

    also, open the app catalog and search for preware. for 99 cents you can get fantastic documentation for preware and many preware apps all in a nice little application.
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    nothn hapns is it suppose to show me a mesg. when u say if it see's my phone. thanks for helpn.

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