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    Maybe a Nokia N8 for that camera.

    In orange, of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patricksmangan View Post
    I meant in response to @ilovetrains' question about if anyone already has ported it. If anyone did, no other existing phone has gesture areas. U'd have to program the buttons to be different gestures, which I guess is what they do anyway
    oh I see. Yeah I suppose most thing in the gesture area could be mapped buttons, but you'd have to miss out on some features eventually.
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    maybe on some kind of HTC hardware....
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    that dell slider, me needy a keyboard.
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    PSP Phone, Pandora, Droid Pro, or Dell Lightning (new name is stupid).
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    hd2,iphone(ANY), ipod touch, evo, dell streak, ipad, net book(change screen to touch screen)....

    oh and n900.

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    looks like they are trying to get it put on an HTC Hero
    HTC Hero Could be Sporting webOS? | webOSroundup

    it's funny looking at the android developers cracking webOS open for the first time and seeing how awsome it is.
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    of course Iphone 4, let those fan boys really know how great webos is.
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    Upcoming HTC Droid Incredible HD. 4.3" screen, front facing camera, and HTC proven hardware. I am currently deciding on the Pre2 or Droid Incredible HD. Both are slated to launch next month. I have been on Android for a while now, have had Pre+ but never could handle the horrible lag. I really want to use WebOS, and love HP products (bought an Envy 14 yesterday), I hope the webos2 has fixed the sluggishness!!!
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    HTC aria is my favorite piece of hardware! I cant imagine running webos on it
    *Patchers STILL make this phone Perfect!
    Palm Devices Currently Owned: Pre, Pre Plus, Pre 2, Pre 3, Pixi, Veer, Touchpads, and too many touchstones!
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    I would turn the upcoming Motorola Droid Pro into a MotoPalm Pixi Pro
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    Nokia n9 would be what I want. The shooter on that bad boy is awesome. If my treo 700p had better hardware I would port it to that. I've always loved that keyboard. Really this is exciting because, hypothetically I can pick my preferred hardware and slap on webOS to it. HP finally made a decision that benefits them and the user base. So as a token of goodwill they should produce a basic and standard developer phone and tablet to continue encouraging development.
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    iPhone 4S, one click on the home button brings you to carousel view! You could also make it super fancy and two clicks completely closes the card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mhunterjr View Post
    If you could port webOS onto upcoming/released mobile hardware what would would it be. Personally, I agree with something I heard on the Engadget Show: WebOS 2.0 on the Dell Venue Pro would be perfect. Its a great example of a vertical slider on a larger device. 8gb of storage is pretty sad though...

    Please pick one phone and state your reasons why. If you'd prefer palm sticking to form factors currently available, feel free to weigh in too!

    please no trolling or bashing.

    Only way I would port to another phone is If I get the apps and other functions of that phone along with WebOS.

    Siri is a feature 100 times better than WebOS is by itself.
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    I'd want it ported to the Droid X2 because thats the phone I have. VERY unlikely though.
    Back to webOS with my new Touchpad!!!
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    Galaxy Note. I find phones around 4" too big to be really comfortable yet too small to be useful on the level of a 7" tablet - one of my friends is insane enough to use a Galaxy Tab as his main phone (!) and having used it for a while I can say I get what he likes about it even though it would just be too big for me. I can see the Galaxy Note being just big enough to give me a tablet-like experience and enough space for the VKB while being just small enough to fit into my pockets - although it wouldn't be as comfortable as something in the 3" area.

    And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Galaxy Note running the same processor found in the TouchPad? Wouldn't that make porting somewhat easier?
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    WebOS should be on the Amazon Kindle Fire(AKF).

    In fact, i think.... a product that includes:
    -Amazon Kindle Fire hardware
    -Amazon's ecosystem for content
    -Amazons + HPalm's cloud based services

    ...would make for a serious competitor to the iPad.

    If i'm not mistaken, the Kindle Fire has the same/similar processor as the Pre2 (OMAP processor). So it should be reliability easy to port it to that hardware.

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    Nokia n9.
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    Tough call...the iPhone 5 would work for me, but it ain't out yet and anything less is simply less.

    Since I'm dreaming on larger and simply more hardware...I'll go with the Galaxy Nexus. Screen has nothing in comparison (in my eyes) and very nice design. A little pricey, but still worth porting webOS too. Sorli...
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