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    Actually I'm wondering one thing...

    When you OTA to 2.0, will the update actively remove the ROM, or old users will be grandfathered?

    Because now if the ROM is not removed, there's still a chance Classic might still work.
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    I've been with Palm since the old Kyocera phone with the green screen, but it's time to move on now. I'm switching to iPhone, as that platform has the apps I need. The only things I'll miss from the Pre are the card UI, real keyboard, and the notifications, but I can live without them. And the iPhone is so much more fluid and responsive, compared with the lags and freezes on webOS.
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    I just bought a Pre Plus this week to replace my Treo 650, and downloaded the trial of Classic. When I tap "Buy Now", it opens MotionApps page saying Classic's Got a Brand New Home! <Palm MotionApps Hands Classic Over to Palm. My Pre uses Web OS 1.4. Does anyone know if I can still buy Classic? What was the cost of it? I guess I'll live without it, but there were a few games and apps I really liked that don't have replacements--Pixionary and BRPack were 2 examples.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tungsten C View Post
    The question is much simpler than that... If the WebOS makes a toast why remove the function after the fact. specially when people are used to making toast?

    Also worth mentioning that over 2300 people have read this subject "I WONDER WHY"
    Because the toast making impedes the speed at which the rest of us (the majority) can prepare and enjoy filet mignon?

    I don't want any hooks into an old rom for software I have no intention of ever running on WebOS, thanks.

    I also have a Sony Clie for sale, if you want your beloved PalmOS apps so much.
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    I may have to drop Web OS without Classic, as Classic was critical to my use. Its sync & address book ccapability was vital to my work flow. If HPalm would reestablish the old hot sync conduits, then I would be ok.
    Otherwise ...
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    nope never used a palm product in my life before the pre.
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    This is a major problem for me. Part of why I chose the Pre was Classic. I still only use two programs there (Smartlist to Go and Lesson Plan), but I use them daily and there is no replacement for them out there.
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    Keep Classic and stay with WebOS 1.4.5 or move on to WebOS 2.0, lose Classic and be forced to use something like Chapura Echo for hotsycing. I guess these are my choices for me now as I don't plan to get another phone just yet (got another 9-10 months left on my contract). Anyone use Chapura Echo with Palm Desktop? I use Desktop daily for work, and I'm not yet ready to transition from it.
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    well I have just downloaded terminal and used it to, hopefully, block the update. I am in the UK and the update is rumoured to be imminent, I use handbase daily for business and there is no replacement. I am also getting my T3 recharged and looking out my dumbphone, my daughters Christmas wish could come true!
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    There are still not enough apps for WebOS! Classic offers too many more options for many users! One app that i use daily is PocketQuicken and that only works in classic! They are not planning a WebOS update for PocketQuicken. That was the ONLY reason I got the Palm Pre!! If Classic goes away, I'm sorry to say that so do I..
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    Wow. Take our money and run. A $30 app and I guess you got your dev fees back and don't want to port it to 2.0. I'm a S-S-S-Sucka!

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    Wow another VERY sad Classic User. I NEED Classic for the EZ Remote. I need to always have access to my desktop at home, and only want to use the native Windows Remote , and not have to install another service on my desktop. I also have not had any good luck getting anything like VNC to work. Without Classic, I would be very sad. I so LOVE my Pre and WebOs, but it does seem like its going away.. so sad, the whole world be be iPhone or Android, blechhh, and the one unique and lovely OS, will just go into the bit bucket.. how sad..
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    I don't use it, but can see how some do (read several posts)... I donlt know if the good guys here can make a hack/patch to re-include the rom, but it may be a posibility. Only problem I see is that it looks like the app hits a server to check if you have a paid version or not... Either the original devs need to keep that up or bypass that with the hack which brings up a moral delima... How many people would start using the free app hacked as if it was a paid app? I never bought it cause the only app I can even think of using from palm"- is port-a-monkey which is not worth $20 to run.
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    Did those of you screaming at Motion Apps not get it? Its a webOS issue. They can't port it over if the operating system wont support it.
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    I always felt Classic was a cheat, at least for me. I guess it's because I have too much email, but it blew out my memory and caused all sorts of problems. And most of my apps didn't work very well, because they assumed I had a stylus, and even the very best touch screens out there (and this is still one of the better ones) don't have anything like the "touch resolution" of the old stylus-based screens. It was VERY VERY fiddly to touch the right spot on the screen.

    I bought Classic, but when I had to reinstall stuff, I left it out. It caused more problems than it resolved.

    Anyhow, sucks for those of you who were able to use it, and I think it's a shame that Palm dropped the ball on this one. But I wonder if the problems I had were symptomatic of problems that Classic caused for other procedures within the operating system.
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    I have Classic, bought it right away to use a number of apps from my Treo. When I got my Pre, there were no viable replacements. I've found replacements for almost everything, but I'd still rather have the classic apps. Checkbook is nice, but I will miss Ultrasoft Money syncing with Money on my pc, for example. Since I'm mostly off Classic, I don't leave it open like I did before. It may be a coincidence, but my Pre is running as good as it ever has! Hopefully Quickoffice will come out with their editing version soon, Documents to Go is the only thing I haven't replaced.
    Maybe the future will offer an emulator that works better with webOS.
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    I have a Treo 680 and I planned to switch to Palm Pre+ (not palm Pre2)
    But I need classic in order to use 2 specific software.
    I am looking someone who will sell to me its classic licence.
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    I doubt the license is transferrable, but I haven't used mine in a year, and would be happy to sell it.
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    I think it is like "I have changed my palm because it doesn't work anymore"

    To activate Classic on your new Pre, please fill in support ticket form and provide us with your original purchase ID and phone's serial number - here is how you can find it Pre Serial Number Help.
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    I didn't have to do that with any other software when I actually did replace my Pre, it just re-loaded from my on-line profile or something. I think I'd removed Classic by then, so I wouldn't know about that ap.
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