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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Well it had to go eventually. Palm can't continue to license a 8-year old from ACCESS
    Palm has perpetual licensing rights so that's not it.

    Honestly I think it boils down to this, though this is just pure conjecture. Palm didn't want to give MotionApps special treatment anymore, by including the ROM in the webOS image. I'd bet that MotionApps didn't want to do the work to convert the setup to a PDK/webOS hybrid app.

    Let's face it, most people who were going to buy Classic did so already, back in the first few months the device was out. They have diminishing returns on the amount of effort it would take, and so I don't blame MotionApps for cutting ties at this point.

    Hopefully Palm realizes that they can't just drop a program that many people paid a lot of money for, and converts it to a hybrid app themselves. They need all the goodwill that they can get.
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    As much as Classic helped palm... It also hindered the progress of unique titles to webos... Granted some developers needed more than the Sdk.. But palm put the Pdk out in may.. And even than alot of palmos devs saw no need to port palm app into palm apps...

    I'm glad classic is gone... If the orig iphone taught us anything , is that things progress with time.

    How many of you classic users would laugh at someone using win2000 or ME instead of finding a modern solution.

    Progress means letting go, and nudging ppl in that direction... In this Mew world of app ecosystem ... Especially that which Hp is trying to build... Palm has no control of these apps... And if you are trying to build an ecosystem.. Classic doesn't fit that model..

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    never seemed right on my i deleted.
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    this is BS, no I didn use it every day, but did pay for it. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!
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    just fell into this Palm world when I got my Pre. Cant think of any reason why Classic would appeal to me so I wont be missing it.
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    Didn't use classic when I graduated to webOS. Even though some of the new apps weren't as good as their PalmOS predecessors, I dealt with it. No regrets. Except maybe all the $ I paid for apps.

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    From the beginning, Palm Classic should have been viewed as an interim measure to allow developers time to port applications to native webOS apps. The fact is Classic is clunky to use, slow to start, and just plain inconvenient. The problem is, developers like Iambic decided to promote their apps as "Classic certified" instead of working to port their apps over. And as we all know too well, Dataviz has abandoned the webOS world, signing a death sentence to Documents to Go, Smartlist To Go, Passwords Plus and others.
    Iambic has shown no interest in porting Agendus. DDH has shown no interest in porting HanDbase.

    All of these developers simply relied on Classic to avoid moving forward. The reality is, Classic needs to end and we need to start pressuring developers to get on the bandwagon. As I said on the front page, this worked with QuickOffice. Start writing letters to developers. Not just emails....snail mail letters. Get the word out.
    Meanwhile, how about looking at the alternatives that already exist? Here are a few possibilities (legacy app: webOS app):

    HanDBase/Smartlist To Go: jVault desktop and webOS (and write to the developer to encourage addition of some database formulas to make it more database-like)

    Agendus: Agenda, webOS calendar, SuperContactsPlus combined with Thunderbird and its Lightening add on for the desktop side

    Documents To Go: Cloudocs, Scratch and GoogleDocs (until QuickOffice comes out)

    iSilo: pReader for the reading part. web clipping is obsolete with Palm Pre.

    Not perfect solutions but good starts in some cases and pressure and support might push some of the creators here further and even get the big ticket developers moving.
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    How is Chapura Echo for those of us still using Palm Desktop and want to sync locally? I've liked hotsycing with Classic on my Pre and Palm Desktop. It's been a great way to back up the contacts/calendar info on the laptop.
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    The big ticket developers haven't ignored WebOS because Classics existed. They ignored WebOS because they either weren't happy with the platform technically or they didn't think they would sell enough copies to justify the expense of developing apps for WebOS.
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    Classic is only option if you use Microsoft Money. Ultrasoft Money syncs transactions between phone and desktop.
    I realize Money is dead, but there is no Quicken WebOS app. Without Classic, I will likely switch from Money to Quicken and from WebOS to Android once a Android Quicken App comes out. And I will miss WebOS.
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    Classic appeared to have great potential, which never seemed to materialize. Part of the problem for me was the fact that it took forever to load. If they could have fixed that, and improved the functionality between Classic and webOS (e.g. copy and paste), then it could have been a truly useful app.

    As it is, it has been more of a "crutch" than anything else for me as well since I still have a number of older Palm OS apps that likely never will be made available on webOS. Will probably hang on to my T5 (which still works OK although the battery is pretty much shot) in case I need them.
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    I use classic everyday. no need to say with HP/Palm if I can't use my Palm apps.
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    Lot of legacy Palm apps that will be "orphaned" . . .

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    I think until there is a desktop syncing solution, the need for Classic will continue to exist. And there still aren't any good password solutions for WebOS (by good, I mean where I can enter data on a real keyboard, and the files everywhere are sync'd, and encrypted, and the application is really meant to be a password application).

    Why can't the desktop be considered part of the cloud? Sigh.

    The existing third-party solutions for desktop syncing all seem to be missing something or are buggy - Doubletwist mangles playlists, Missing Sync takes HOURS to sync the first time, then breaks after a month, etc.

    The new synergy api's give me hope that someone will create some sort of sync software for desktops that actually works.

    RIP Classic. I really was impressed.
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    Seems to me that HP needs to go shopping again and maybe add one of the well known developer groups to it's lineup. Clearly HP wants webOS to survive. Maybe they buy Splash and get access to all of their designs. That would give them a bunch of stuff that could be ported to webOS first.
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    Time and effort is better spent on bringing classic palmos apps to native webos. Why write specific OS/2 apps when it already runs windows apps better than windows itself? Why write linux native apps when the windows apps run under wine or virtualbox? Not that linux will die like OS/2 did. It will thrive because those who use it are also the ones who contribute to it.
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    ITT: weird apps that don't serve much of a purpose. If anybody wants it, I'll gladly sell you my Sony Clie.
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    i am still using my treo 700p, in part because my favorite app (callrec) does not have a webOS equivalent (yes), and neither does my 2nd favorite app 'chess genius' (which i see has just recently been ported to android).


    'classic' was going to be one of my first app purchases if/when i got a pre, so now even if someone does step up and solve the ROM problem (which i hope they do for the sake of current 'classic' owners) there is no 'classic' for me to purchase.

    what really puzzles me is why 'motionapps' gave the code to hpalm. they really should have sought a suitor in the homebrew community, but the LAST thing they should have done was give it to hpalm... sort of looks like "wow, you've been screwing my wife? ok, well here - you might as well have my daughter and all her friends TOO."

    (adv-apologize-ance for the offensive/insensitive analogy used; but that's how many feel about what happened here, particularly those who will have instant brickware when webOS 2 loads up.)


    funny how i don't see the same comments made regarding 'classic' and those who have favorite palm apps being made about various hand-held gaming platform emulators for webOS... i think it is far more useful to have a ROM or emulator that enables useful productivity tools (particularly where it doesn't exist or isn't as good on webOS) than stuff that turns a powerful piece of technology into a glorified gameboy.

    oh hey hpalm - got your lawyers idling on the runway for when some frustrated evil-genius comes up with a kick-**** palmOS emulator for android or iOS? oh, but i'm sure you aren't worried about that... all us current/former palm users don't amount to a drop of water in your market-outreach ocean (which you are working hard to reduce to the size of a bathtub).
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    Quote Originally Posted by knobbysideup View Post
    ITT: weird apps that don't serve much of a purpose.
    This is the sad part for long-time Palm users. The Palm and Treo units were great tools, not toys. They didn't play hi-res games or work well with Facebook. They did organize critical information, and let you backup and sync easily.

    Unfortunately, that no longer appears to be a market that HP is interested in, and instead we are overrun with users who think "PalmOS had apps? LOL!"
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    I understand that WebOS 2.0 will not support Classic as of now. This is a major betrayal on Palm's part, both to Motion Apps and all Palm users.
    There are lot's of Classic programs I and many others still use regularly. Is there any way to get Palm to continue supporting Palm OS?? This is totally unfair! Are you listening HP..??
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