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    I was just looking at the next Palm Device mockup and saw something extremely cool. Superior HD, by Jose Barajas and the widget deck. Is it just me or is that idea super super awesome! Just wondering what the rest of the community thinks about having an area for "widget cards" on top of the app cards. I personally think its a great idea.
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    i think it's a great idea, and i don't really care for widgets. i like that they can be minimized in his vision, and hopefully there is an option to just turn them off as well.
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    I agree.... Widgets will help take the WebOs interface to the next level, especially if they find a way to tie it in with the just type feature. It's a winner I think. With widgets, though, a larger screen will be a must as well. HPalm developer relations really needs to be all over these forums
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    That guy had to of the best idea's in the last while, Just speak with Just Type, and Widgetdeck. I think on a bigger screen Widgetdeck will be kick ***.
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    I think it would be awesome if well executed

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