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    Not sure if this is the correct place for this, but I have some questions.
    I got brave and install Preware and I love it. Now when 2.0 comes out I know I can leave the applications on and have to remove the patches correct?
    What about under service I have the following SysToolsMgr and there is a title Linux Application? Inside Linux there is the GNU patch (remove) correct? and something called Lsdiff. What about those.
    Thanks much these forums are great I just have a hard time figuring which one to go to.
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    you will find lot's of great discussion here:

    generally speaking it's too early to tell what will have to be removed before the update. but, there is a lot in 2.0 that will eliminate the need for many patches I use (like named launch pages and adding pages) so I personally plan to doctor and start with a factory fresh webOS 2.0 and then consider patches as I find missing features.

    of course, I'll overclock within seconds of uberkernel being available for 2.0

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