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    While everyone is focused on the forthcoming webOS 2.0 and Pre 2, the speculation got me thinking about how HP can truly separate itself from the rest of the smartphone crowd. Clearly, the brains at HP/Palm are big on the idea of the "cloud", but what would a properly funded, all-in bet on cloud computing look like?

    This is utter speculation on my part and I look forward to hearing others thoughts of what a truly cloud oriented approach could be. I think the goal, and hopefully not too distant reality would be the ability to deliver real time updated data and applications across multiple access points. This would, for example, allow me to update a playlist on my home compute that automatically updates and is available on my Pre and my PalmPad as well, or I take notes at a meeting on my PalmPad, which are then available to me on my Pre, which I then edit on the cab ride back to my office, all of which is then available to me on my office PC. Additionally, I'm thinking a true cloud solution would be have HP allowing every PalmProfile some measure of online storage space, so I could drop a file into it from my PC and immediately have it available on any other Palm device (I realize some other services basically enable this; however, I think the key here is the comprehensive delivery).

    Well, that's a first stab at the vision. Interestingly, I don't think HP is that far away from being able to implement such strategy. It seems nuTsie might be a step in this direction. Ultimately, the PalmProfile would be at the center syncing all devices over the internet. I suppose the PC interface could be web based; however, I think some version of Outlook support would be needed for business users and a PC app might end up more functional. Anyway, that's my musing, I am interested to see how others think such a vision could play out.

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    It's obvious that nuTsie / melodeo will play a part there, but you guys should check out the beta feeds - there's a HP-developed app called Kumulus which seems to provide cloud storage for HP developers atm.

    Kumulus is a great name for a cloud service. Maybe it sticks around when they're done developing/testing it.
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    A cumulus.
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    The Cumulus (Kumulus in German) Project to build a Scientific Cloud Data Center is a joint project supported by HP, Intel Corporation and Yahoo! And is one of many Cloud development projects that HP is involved in - Cirrus, Nimbus, Stratus, and OpenNEbula to name a few.

    The one project that may have the most promise for mobile universal cloud computing is Open Cirrus - a global, multiple data center, open source test bed for the advancement of cloud computing research of which HP is a partner.

    HP seems to be strategically posturing itself to become a leader in all phases of cloud computing and the mobile and personal cloud computing enterprises will probably play a big part in their overall strategy.
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    Apple North Carolina Data Center
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    it would look like a baby driving down the highway amd then landing on grandma's printer.

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