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    okay, i had a palm pre plus for about 2 weeks and got a problem saying i have no signal so i decided to restore to factory mode. once i started to do so the phone just freaked out and died battery life went to 0 and boom dead. i took it home read up on stuff charge the phone with no problem it was charging. after the charge i tried to put it on a blue cloud screen saying phone error your phone is experiencing an error. i read up on a few ways to fix it with the webOS take battery out hold volume and plug it ya i did it the webOS finished at 100% clicked done ( flash palm ) went on and bam same problem still does anyone know how to fix this damn phone !!!!!!!! please tell me any way with out taking ti to the store im sick of those people btw its verizon
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    if it needs to be replaced, call verizon customer support instead of going to the store - always.

    support will try to help you first, and then send you a new one if they can't fix it. The stores are useless.
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    there isnt like a way to fix this crap at home? by my pc
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    I assume you've tried using WebOS doctor? It's software that is explicitly for completely resetting your phone to the condition it was in when it came out of the box.
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    Try this: Webos Doctor Versions. If problems persist > return the device for a replacement.

    Best of luck.
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    ...also follow these steps to perform webos doctor: Palm - webOS Doctor - FAQs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightmarepl View Post
    there isnt like a way to fix this crap at home? by my pc
    Hopefully you should be able to unless it is a hardware problem. Start here: Palm Support : Palm Pre Plus for Verizon - 6Ts: Six ways to get your Palm webOS phone working again
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