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    I really would have loved to see a sister-feature to Just Type that keeps bouncing around in my head called "Just Speak" released into the OS along with the Mic APIs. I was hoping that was an unannounced surprise.

    Basically it would work exactly like just type but it would be accessed by pressing a Mic icon in the right corner of the Just Type box. You would just speak into the phone and it would register using speech to text software allowing you to search the web along with contacts and any number of apps; start a memo, email or text message; or update your status on Facebook & Twitter. Here's to hoping for this in WebOS 2.1 which will land with the Super Phones in January.

    If anyone in the forums with connections could put this idea on the table at Palm Headquarters, I'd be giddy!
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    That would be a nice feature, however, there would be that > "Did you say" error. Ugh! Which at most time happens when using voice command.
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    RUSH - I remember those days but Speech to Text has come a long way. I wouldn't expect it to be perfect but it would be a quick and safe way to call up a song while driving and will definately be helpful if we ever get a form factor without a physical keyboard. If done right, it would totally impress people--especially being able to "Just Speak" your facebook status. With "Just Type" they've already done so much of the underlying work. It seems evolutionary and revolutionary at the same time.
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    Point-Taken. It's just that I've always had problems with voice command on my phones. Hopefully, they have improve on making it a lot better.

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    I have been amazed at my wife's android phone that allows her to add task items by talking to her phone. I want that SO bad.
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