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    The recent update for the WebOS 1.4.5 has changed something with the mobile hot spot. I hope someone else out there is experiencing this. A group of us at work use VPN regularly and out of 4 phones, one being recently replaced; no one can use VPN through the hotspot. This did work prior to the update. I was curious if anyone had a fix for this. I think I read awhile back that the update DID CHANGE the way we use VPN but Im unsure of any way to get around this at the current time.

    Hep me!
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    I am still able to connect with our checkpoint vpn client.

    what are you using?

    what carrier are you on?

    if not on vzw, are you using the verizon MHS, freetether, etc?
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    Im actually with verizon. Check this out. Got 3 of the phones together again i today to really put this problem to rest. On two of the phones, I was able to get connected, took some time; but they eventually connected. One phone when we were able to get connected to it, wouldn't even give me internet access (user has reported various wireless issues in the past). I think maybe having this 'defective' phone's hotspot turned on at the same time is killing it. I hope that makes sense. Usually when i test I have all 3 on and connect to each one after the other to test the VPN connection.
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    I am having the same issue with PPTP VPN.

    Sometimes it will connect after waiting a while on my laptop...but it times out always now on my iPad.

    Verizon needs to get this fixed.
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    I am experiencing the same issue with OpenConnect.

    Has there been any resolution to this issue?

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